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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

National Engineering Week.. next week. Tours and presentations on various engineering and transport projects including Smartbus, Spencer Street Station, Melbourne 2030 and more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

f Bracks is serious about national reform and a need for infrastructure investment, then why doesn't he follow the lead of the Gallop Labor Government in WA and reinvest in public transport?

Over five years Perth, the lowest density city in the world, has doubled the size of its rail network and invested in improving its bus services. Perth is now investigating the return of tram services, while in Melbourne the Transport Minister refuses to provide Doncaster (a principal activity centre and earmarked for high rise development) with tram access.

Perth surges ahead while in Melbourne we are left with a Transport Minister who doesn't even believe our major thoroughfares deserve Sunday or evening bus services.

There is more to Melbourne than just the confines of Minister's office on Nauru House. Perhaps Bracks needs to follow the lead of Geoff Gallop and integrate planning and transport into a single portfolio.

It has certainly achieved results in WA and Rob Hulls in his current tenure as Planning Minister is certainly capable of inheriting transport.

The Bracks Government has been attempting to dodge the 'do-nothing' tag since it was elected in 1999. The source of this inertia and lack of progress towards improving Melbourne's public transport are certainly related.

If Premier Bracks wants reform he should start with his own front bench.

3:49 pm, August 19, 2005  
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